Our team draws on international experience from ‘big four’ consulting, start-up consulting businesses, education not-for-profits and direct teaching experience.

We specialise in…

Designing and leading large-scale education programmes around the world

Helping organisations to define their strategy and organise themselves to deliver it

Conducting research and translating this for practical implementation purposes


Championing the potential of EdTech to improve learning outcomes


Helping organisations grow their presence and impact internationally

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In the last year we have…

Provided leadership and technical support to a
state-wide reform programme in India designed to improve foundational literacy and numeracy

Supported a US-based education non-profit with their organisational strategy and business planning


Developed the ‘Science of Learning’ report for a major philanthropic organisation, to synthesise what research tells us about how children learn and how this can be used to inform practice


Co-led a global learning series on the potential of edtech to improve foundational literacy and numeracy in Sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with a major research institution and philanthropic organisation


Helped several organisations to develop sustainable lines of business increasing their reach across diverse global markets

We have been deeply involved with multiple COVID-19 education responses and have a strong understanding of how different systems and organisations around the world have responded to the crisis.