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Our team draws on international experience from ‘big four’ consulting, start-up consulting businesses, research organisations, multi-laterals, education not-for-profits and direct teaching experience.

We specialise in…

Helping organisations to define their strategy, build suitable operating models, and strengthen their capabilities to deliver on their purpose and promise

​Conducting research and analysis to deepen our clients' understanding of policy, practice, implementation, and market dynamics across the global education sector, and using this to inform organisational priorities

Presenting and disseminating evidence in a way that is meaningful and accessible, and ensuring it gets into the hands of the right people who can use it to make a difference to learning outcomes

Helping organisations grow their presence and impact internationally

Putting impact at the heart of organisations' work, enabled through fit-for-purpose monitoring, evaluation and learning strategies for projects, programs and organisations

Supporting the design of large-scale education programmes around the world focused on improving educational outcomes

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Some recent projects include...

Advised several charities and businesses on their growth strategies, providing strategic advice, analysis, operating model design and implementation support. Pathways included international expansion, divestment and merger.

Provided technical advice alongside world-leading experts on the OECD's Starting Strong survey, which compares approaches and outcomes for early childhood education across 15 countries.

Developed a life-long learning strategy for a top-ranked UK university, seeking to increase its reach and impact.

In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, designed and delivered multiple events to support learning and collaboration to advance foundational learning in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, covering themes such as literacy, numeracy, remediation, and teacher professional development. 

Developed and executed a research dissemination plan for the Learning at Scale study, as well as the Science of Teaching programme, and provided technical assistance to support uptake.

Developed market entry strategies for an education publisher, and an EdTech provider, identifying countries with a strong product market fit and promising growth potential.

Supported the Global Schools Forum's Impact@Scale Lab by helping education charities in Africa and India to understand, measure and increase their impact through the development of their theories of change and impact frameworks.

Provided support to the Leathersellers' Trust in the UK to better understand their impact on social mobility through their Education charity portfolio.

Designed and delivered a three-day learning event on foundational learning for World Bank staff from across sub-Saharan Africa who work supporting government education reform programmes. 

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