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At Better Purpose, our work is guided by six values:

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Optimism for our sector, clients, ourselves

We believe in the importance of education and we put beneficiaries at the heart of everything we do. We believe that change is possible, and are committed to making it happen. 

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From complex to practical and actionable

We take responsibility for explaining things well, and presenting our work clearly and accessibly so it can easily be absorbed and acted upon. 

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Commitment to building a strong sector

We think about what is best for the sector and our shared goal of improving educational outcomes. We make connections between themes, people and challenges, and we work effectively in partnership.

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Two brains are better than one

We consult widely, and are open-minded to feedback. We recognise and champion the strengths of the people in our team and in our broader network. We are generous with our networks and knowledge.

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Commitment to learning and development

We seek to understand the latest evidence and its implications for our clients. We are open-minded to different sources and perspectives. We develop our own professional capabilities and those of others.

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Open mind, open eyes, open ears

We listen deeply and curiously to understand the perspective and meaning of others, and we are agile in understanding, assimilating and adopting new perspectives, without ego. We see the best in people and assume their best intent.

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