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The Ped Pack is a community of practice for sub-Saharan African and South Asian pedagogy enthusiasts that learn together through online meetings to ask questions, and advance the importance of pedagogically-sound education.

Organisations represented in the Ped Pack include:

321 Education Foundation, India

CC Hub, Nigeria 

Central Square Foundation, India

Foundation for Inclusive Community Help, Uganda

Funda Wande, South Africa

Global School Leaders

Innodems, Kenya

Justice Rising, Democratic Republic of Congo

Language and Learning Foundation, India

PAL Network

Save the Children

STiR Education

Taleemabad, Pakistan

The Citizens' Foundation, Pakistan

TEP Centre, Nigeria

Zizi Afrique, Kenya

As part of this initiative, we send out a monthly newsletter with key readings, a summary of updates, and upcoming events to note in your diary.

The archive of past newsletters can be found in the link below: 

Ped Pack is an initiative we run for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The content within the newsletters do not necessarily reflect positions or policies of BMGF.

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